Spiritual Star Practitioner Services

Our spiritual healing services are as amazing as the stars.

Find the missing piece.

We will first test your meridians and find which Star Essences™ are best for you using Star Kinesiology.

Balance your spiritual energy.

The Star Essences can encourage you to fix issues on a spiritual level.

Feel good and vibrate higher.

The essences will encourage you to achieve a higher state of consciousness, one step at a time.

What are Star Essences?

The Star Essences™, are cosmic, vibrational remedies which capture the spiritual, light energy from stars, planets and other celestial forces working within the deepest levels of your spiritual self, to encourage personal transformation and healing. The Star Essences™ are heavenly guides that are designed to reveal one’s innermost spiritual path and purpose. Each of these essences conveys its own unique ‘personality,’ which is composed of many aspects and characteristics that encourage change and growth within your life.

Star Essences Session

60 Minute Session – $75

This session will encourage you to understand your soul needs, raise your level of consciousness and bring your energy vibration to new heights.

Star Chakra Balance

60 Minute Session – $60

Find your chakra imbalances and heal your energy centers using the power of the Star Essences.

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