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The Star Essences™, are cosmic, vibrational remedies which capture the spiritual, light energy from stars, planets and other celestial forces working within the deepest levels of your spiritual self, to encourage personal transformation and healing. The Star Essences™ are heavenly guides that are designed to reveal one’s innermost spiritual path and purpose. Each of these essences conveys its own unique ‘personality,’ which is composed of many aspects and characteristics that encourage change and growth within your life.


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The Star Essences represent a “New Astrology” which unites science and spirit through a personal connection with the cosmos. They are a reemergence of ancient astrological and spiritual healing techniques, reminiscent of the age when our ancestors lifted their eyes unto the heavens to hear the songs of the Angelic Beings of Light. They remind us of that which was once sacred, and has, until now, been forgotten. The Star Essences capture the timeless wisdom of the fires in the sky which have illuminated the path of our destiny throughout eternity.

“I recommend this book to all the visionary souls who would ‘look up’ and ‘look out’ in our global village to the life that pulsates from beyond the stars and feel once again ‘our cosmic belonging.’”

Marilyn Zwaig Rossner, EdD, PhD
President, Founder of the Spiritual Science Fellowship
& The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences

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